Why Is Hockey Important To Me

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Regardless of one’s origin and upbringing, the historical and personal significance of certain items, people, and/or places can greatly affect one’s perspective on life. Due to life’s trials and tribulations, moments of despair and anguish are reasonably common as people tend to deviate from their heritage and early life while adjusting to new situations and circumstances that arise. Even in the darkest of times, going back to your roots most often produces a positive learning experience in reflecting your own path and the kin that came before. For me, personally, memories of great importance and significant learning experiences stem from my ongoing childhood sport: hockey. As children grow up, they seek for interesting and new constructs that occur in their everyday lives. Children that expose…show more content…
He knew the basics and would watch the games on the television where he would go as far as to curse the referees in the living room which is most likely where my incidental habit of swearing stems from. Unfortunately, he cannot skate nor does he have the physical capabilities to play the game. This fact is most likely why he was not reluctant to let me play which is something I admire. Overall, hockey has just been a big part of my past and identity ever since I was young. It would honestly be difficult and frightening to imagine what life could have been like if I never took that risk in signing up for hockey as it has affected so much of my life. Not only did hockey play an enormous role in my life, it also played an important role in my parents and sister’s life as well. Since I progressed into an excellent player, I joined a rep team where we would travel to distant towns and cities to play constantly. The type of commitment that was needed for rep hockey had a big toll on my parents especially when factoring in the costs of time and
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