Why Is Homework Harmful To Students

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All of the students require a degree from university if they want to obtain a well-paid job in the future. Secondary school is a place where students can learn the basic things and evaluate whether they can get a degree of university. Homework is an important component of studying secondary school, especially in Hong Kong. Although most of the students keep doing homework; homework is not really helpful to students. Homework is a tool that helps students to learn and revise effectively but the secondary school misunderstands the original idea of homework now. Homework in secondary school is only forcing students to do something after school. For this reason, I will mainly focus on the harmfulness of homework to secondary students in Hong Kong. There are two main parts in this essay. In the first part of the essay, I will discuss the harmfulness of homework that brings to students. In the second part of the essay, I will discuss about how homework could help students to learn. Hendersen and Eren (2011) have reported spending time on different activties are better than spending on homework. I believe that homework is harmful to secondary…show more content…
Homework wastes the leisure time of students, create pressure to students. After that students will copy the other's answer, students will learn naughty hobbies. At last, homework not really helping students, especially in grading. Homework also has bring benefit to students, it provide example for students to learn and revise. Homework is helping students but it also harm students. Teachers should provide a suitable amount of homeworks to students, try not to spend the leisure time of students, also teach students the correct value. Homework is still a inevitable tool for students, even it have some disadvantages. I suggest that a suitable amount of homework to help students to develop to an all-rounded person while not interrupting their

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