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Why is there a need for the presence of a relationship between strategic human resource management and strategic management, how can we make this relationship come about?
To address my research question on why there is a need for the presence of a relationship between strategic management and strategic management, and how we can make this relationship come about. Firstly, I started off by defining the two concepts of human resource management as well as strategic management. Secondly, I discussed the organisational history and the role of HR in the past, and where it (HR) is going. Thirdly, I discussed the existence, importance and implication of this relationship. Lastly, I discussed how the means of making this relationship come about.
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Strategic human resource management consists of three tasks which are: assuring that the issues and implications of various alternatives or proposals are thoroughly considered when making decisions, establishing goals and action plans to support the business strategy, and the adequate implementation of action plans by working with line managers.
Before one can implement an HR strategy, it is of paramount importance to take note of the presence of a company strategy and to also ensure that there is a basic HR structure within the organisation. It is also significant to duly note that without a strategic management process, the HR strategy formulation and implementation would be futile, because the HR strategy is built upon the foundation of a strategic management process. The core elements of strategic management are the vision and mission statements. Therefore, we can deduce that a house cannot be built without a
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The challenge is combining the three systems into one, like the HRM Cube. Whereas, the HRM Cube must be perfectly fit into the organisation’s value creation model.
The relationship between strategic management and HRM is a complex, yet essential being for the organisation’s survival in the ever-changing business world.
Organisations need to create a proper communication system via a chain of command. We need to enhance relationships between HR professionals and line managers by having regular meetings and circulating HR reports. We can also create a computerised HR system that will increase the organisation’s efficiency and value.
What is more important is for the organisation’s mission and vision statements to commit to their employees. Organisations need to also provide an environment that creates opportunities and challenges employees to meet the organisation’s performance and allow employees to meet their goals as well.
The relationship between strategic management and HRM van only be fruitful, when top management realises its importance and commits substantial resources. The reason being, no matter how good a system the organisation develops, it is as good as useless if top management does not support
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