Why Is Huck Finn Dehumanized

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In the Adventure of Huck Finn, Mark Twain develops the character of Tom and his prison of Jim in order to illustrates the lack of dehumanization of slaves. Huck was not the one who didn't care about Jim. he care about Jim. He also wanted the best for him. Huck thought it was all adventure at the same time. Tom thought the same thing. What they didn't realized was that they were dehumanizing Jim. Tom used it as a entertainment from the books he has read.He basically took advantage over Huck looking up to him and his trust. He was making Huck do dishonoring and disrespect things to a person he cared about. Twain describes image how Jim is being tortured for entertainment without Jim knowing, "Jim didn't like spiders, and the spider like Jim; and so they'd lay for him and make it mighty warm for him."…show more content…
Tom and Huck were suppose to help Jim get out. They could have just have helped him out the easy way but they decided it will be more realistic or more entertaining if they put spiders and other creatures in the cabin with him. Tom are actually being very careless about another human being just to make it feel like the books he has read. Huck is just doing what Tom does because he feels whatever he does is right. Tom doesn't understand how much Huck cares for Jim. Tom also doesn't know how this could be hindering Jim from staying a free man. **The author describes the image of Huck and Tom trying to tell Jim everything is okay, "But Tom he showed him how unregular it would be, and set down and told him all about our plans, . . . and not be the least afraid, because we would see he got away. So Jim he said it was all right," (Twain 224) Trying to looking from Jim perceptive. He was alright with all that is happening to him because he trusted them so much. Jim's intentions were just to get out. He maybe thought they knew something he
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