Why Is Huck Finn Uncivilized

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Prompt 4 To begin with this book by Mark Twain is uncivilized free and wild thinking. For example Huckleberry Finn the main charterer is uncivilized because he is uneducated. This is mainly because his father didn't allow him to have an education “you think you’re better’n your father now, don’t you, because he can’t”(21) this was stated by pap the night he reappeared and he asked Huck to read to him. Huck was granted the privilege by the widow to attend school although, when pap found out he came back and took Huck and didn’t let him set foot on school grounds again which he made quite clear in the book when he said “you lemme catch you fooling around that school again, you hear.”(21)Pap couldn’t stand the fact that his son was doing better which was also stated by Paps in the book “I can’t and here you’re a swelling yourself up like this, I ain't the man to stand for it-you here.”(21)…show more content…
Huck falsified his own murder and left everyone that cared for him in mourning. Huck gathered his things and set of on a journey, a journey alone in a big river with only a raft to help him. On the river bank Huck said “ Alright, I can stop where I want to Jackson's Island is good enough for me.”(36) which is most definitely true he was on his own and could go anywhere he desired. Although throughout the book he found Jim, Miss Watson’s slave. However, that didn’t change much only that now he had company because Jim too ran away and they both were looking for freedom. Huck once said “ I laid there in the grass and the cool shade, thinking about things and feeling rested and ruther comfortably satisfied.”(39) How can he not, this young boy was free and on a wild
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