Argumentative Essay: Are Human Rights Justified?

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The definition of Human Rights varies from culture to culture. Most generally your basic human rights are considered to be the ones given to you at birth that can (or should) never be taken away; such as the right to shelter, food, and personal safety. However, after you start to go deeper into the concept of Human rights, there are clearly many different interpretations, which inevitably results in arguments on whether the concept of Human Rights is unachievable. Both the argument for and against the ideal that Human Rights are possible can be justified. Firstly, one can argue that Human Rights are a viable concept. Throughout time, the view on Human Rights have adapted and shifted to suit society, but they have continued to grow and develop.…show more content…
NGOs such as Amnesty International continue to fight for causes such as human trafficking. This international Organization strongly believes that slavery is a violation of Human Rights, and therefore continues to fight against it. States also play a role in promoting human rights. Each country has a set of rules in place that prevent certain acts deemed a “violation” of human rights. The US constitution has a set of amendments that cannot, under any circumstances, be taken away from an American citizen. In the US, the 1st amendment, the freedom of speech, means that one is entitled the right to speak their mind. This is a prime example of how states have in fact create a set of Human Rights that are undeniable to all its…show more content…
Although they are continually ignored and broken, it is undeniable that there are in fact Human Rights. Each individual is given these rights a t birth (although the definition varies from state to state) however, with society how it is, often these rights are taken away. Even though they are broken, Human rights are still achievable, however, there must be many measure in place to ensure they remain in place. There will always be instances in which these rights are broken, however, just because they are not often not respected does not mean that they are

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