Why Is Identity Important During Adolescence

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The research that struck myself as most worthwhile was the study on mothers and identity. I’ve always been interested in why identity is important, especially during adolescence. Why is it important to maintain one’s public image or face? Is it to hide who they are or is it a strategy used to fit in with a given culture? When I first moved to Utah, I was 14 years old. It was a hard time in my life. Mostly because it was a completely culture than the one in Arizona. I found myself putting on a mask to fit in, often. It’s definitely shaped who I am today. After a semester of studying metatheory, I would say my perceptions fit within the sociocultural tradition. I’m curious to why such social patterns exist and ultimately, what shapes us. To learn more about why such social patterns exist and why they are so influential during adolescence, my capstone study will reside within Face Theory and the sociocultural…show more content…
With its ontology being systems, I would then focus on the small truths and interpretive side, gathering information from interviews and textual analyses. Regarding its epistemology, subjectivism can lead to bias, but in this tradition, it is ok. Subjectivism takes into account one’s personal feelings towards a situation. This in addition, relates to the sociocultural tradition’s axiology value-laden. Value-laden is essentially based off personal values. Personal values can affect research in the sense that we all have our own personal values. One may misinterpret the study’s findings just on values alone. In regards to my study, I will have to try to leave bias out of my research and take into account that not everyone has the same point of view when it comes to identity. Overall, I believe by using this approach, will help me understand why we pretend to be someone we are not in order to fit in with the crowd during

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