Why Is It Better To Spank Children

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Spanking is a form of punishment that some parents consider. Parents should not spank their children as a form of punishment. Children who were spanked were more likely to become hostile, to experience more stress, and to feel that violence is the most humane way to solve a situation. Some parents believe that children’s behavior is improved when spanking is used as a form of punishment. They believe that spanking is the most effective, and that the feeling of pain causes children to remember not to perform the same behavior again, according to Matt Walsh. Jessica Pauline states that spanking is not a correct form of punishment, and there are other options such as a timeout, or a favorite toy being taken away from the children. Doing these activities instead of spanking teach the same lesson, but instead it…show more content…
Natural Child states “children who were spanked are more likely to become violent when something does not go their way.” As most people know, children will not get everything they want in their life. If they become violent when something does not go their way, not only is it harmful to others, it is also harmful to the violent children. The violent children can get in trouble from teachers or caretakers, and this violence could even disrupt their everyday life, such as their education. According to Natural Child, “if a child is spanked, they begin to believe that violence is normal.” No children should ever think that violence is a good thing. Once children begin to believe that statement, they will most likely have problems from that moment. Violence can lead to disruption, and even inappropriate behavior later on in their life. Spanking was originally performed by the parents to stop bad behavior, but in reality is causing more bad behavior from the children. Clearly, spanking can cause children to believe that violence is the way to handle difficult

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