Why Is It Difficult To Travel To California

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A group of emigrants trying to travel to california but instead went through trail’s that took them right into a chain of mistakes with a tragic story. In the year 1846, 90 emigrants moved west for the expansion to move westward, leaving springfield illinois. Leaders Jacob and George Donner guided the group to a “shorter route” to california. 2,500 mile expedition the founder of this expedition was a man named james James Frazier Reed a business man wishing to move westward to make a wealth in the richland of california. Reed before had read a book called The Emigrants’ Guide to Oregon and California, by Lansford W. Hastings, the book were full of shorter tracks crossing the Great Basin without the route being tested out first they just went for it.…show more content…
This new shortcut was to save them from walking 300 miles going through the Sierra Nevada Mountains but only adds 100. by October 28, 1846 the snowfall was one month earlier than its usual fifteen groups temporarily wearing snowshoes going through the snow trying to get to California heavy snow were blocking the high mountain pases. At Pauta pass there issued an argument one the slow trip it was called off when James reed who was then banished after killing John Snyder, by stabbing him. The man was banished, drove to Sutter’s fort for supplies. They arrive at Truckee’s Lake in the snowstorm at the beginning of the month the lake is now called donner lake. Charles Stanton, who had ridden henceforth to come back with seven mules with supplies from John Sutter. Just as they believed that they were able to move and expand forward just and they promise land of California was supposed to be to emigrants. . Before the route was strolled on they were warned that the route was
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