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The most important thing for everybody to focus on, and especially the other coaches and myself, is the development of all players. It is important to remember that the athletes here are still young and are starting to become adults. Therefore, it is important that we focus not just on winning but on molding the players and guiding them so that they can properly mature and develop both on and off the field.
Winning is important, but we cannot accept a lack of maturation and development as a trade-off to win. Winning means nothing if we have not helped these players become respectful, ethical and healthy adults. This is not the NFL, these players are amateur, not professional. This means that school comes first, and that nothing should change this. I will not sacrifice a young man’s education for the sake of winning. Striving to win
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Sports develop core values and teach a certain code of ethics which players may use in other aspects of life. I believe that this is extremely important, but that there are also other important things in life that may take priority over sports. While one should always try to strive to better themselves in life, sometimes this is best achieved not on the field but in the classroom. As I mentioned earlier, I will not trade a child’s education for a better chance at winning, even if it means a state championship. Education always comes first. I intend to build these beliefs by treating players fairly, and by motivating them to try and better themselves. I will stress the core values taught by athletics and how these apply to other aspects of life. I will also emphasize that sports are important, but should not be a young athlete’s main priority. I won’t force these players to put football over education, and will be lenient when a player needs more time to work on schoolwork, for
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