Why Is It Important To Be Allowed In High School?

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High school is a time in which students are supposed to find themselves. A way they are able to do that is through sporting events. These events allow students to express themselves in a competitive way for their school. However in the past, there have been so many regulations set upon them, that hardly anyone wants to participate anymore. Students need to be able to express themselves in the student section for the better of the team, high school, and student body. The student section is a vital part of the game of basketball. If the student section is enthusiastic, the basketball team follows their lead. This immediately sets the tone for the game. Some may think that the student section becomes too intimidating at times. But as long as it’s not negative, what’s the big deal? The more the student section is involved in the game, the harder it tends to be for the other team to focus. This automatically gives our team an advantage. The rush and sense of freeness while you’re supporting your team is unreal. This is why intimidation is a key factor in student sections.…show more content…
One of which being the overall well being of the team. I think we can all agree when we say that basketball is a long season. By the end of it, some even get sick of it. This will naturally start to contribute to the lack of effort that will follow. However, nothing gets a team more ebullient than a huge, rambunctious, student section. Seeing all of your crazy fans up there rooting for you is a feeling that most will never forget. The reason for this? It’s fun! To have all that support underneath your feet while competing gives a sense of pride and
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