Why Is It Important To Go To College Essay

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High school students are encouraged and/or expected to attend a four-year university where they can achieve a Bachelor's degree. They are told if they get their Bachelor’s, they can get a good paying job. Not only that, but there's the mentality that if you don’t go to college, you’re not successful in life. It's important be well informed because that saying is not true all the time. Some people don’t need to go to a four-year college because it's not for everyone. It does not also guarantee a job which means you will get your hopes up and won’t like the results. In addition, there are blue collared jobs that offer good pay as well. Therefore, success does not require a college degree. Students today believe that continuing higher education promises success. But once they get to…show more content…
While it is true that a college degree expands your learning, it does not necessarily mean that the first place you apply to will give you a job. That’s what people need, to be informed. Students are only taking advice and are not doing their own research. It is said that every year the percentage of students in debt go up. There are other alternatives we can do such as attend a two-year program with a cheaper cost. It matters to be well informed because that's how we can progress. To conclude, success does not require a college degree. People are made to believe that college promises good paying jobs, but that isn’t always the case. College is not for everyone, people can go and end up in debt because some people simply don’t need it. Many graduates can’t find jobs and they question why? The reason being is because it does not guarantee you a job. Moreover, blue collared jobs are equal to having your degree. The issue is that people need to get informed and look for pick their future
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