Why Is It Important To Have A Written Constitution

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The Constitution was created by the Founding Fathers in order to lay a foundation on which to build a government. The constitution essentially gives instructions on what the government can and cannot do, while also serving as sort of a road map to help the government navigate through different situations. When creating the constitution, the Founding Fathers wanted to make a strong central government but feared that one day the government might become too strong like Britain did, leading up to the American Revolution. So, in order to set limits on the national government they broke it up into three branches, The Judicial Branch, The Legislative Branch, and The Executive Branch. Each branch has some way to keep the others in check, this is called the Checks and Balances.…show more content…
I believe that having an official written constitution is crucial to the successful running of a country. I think it is important to have because without having a set of guidelines to follow, making decisions that are already difficult become that much harder. I also believe that a constitution is incredibly important because it sets up rules and rights the everyone must abide by. Most importantly, I think it is necessary to have a written constitution in order to limit the power of the government. Without limiting the power of the government, the rights of the individual would be squashed and our beloved freedom would be lost. Although running a country without a written constitution is doable, I believe that in order to ensure the best chance of having a successful country there must be an official written
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