Why Is It Important To Judge Walter Palmer Persuasive Essay

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Walter Palmer should be fined for killing Cecil because he has hidden proof of him killing Cecil for a month, he could have impact on other lions, and intentionally he shouldn’t have killed a lion for no reason. In Cecil the lion written by Matthew Drake Walter Palmer has putted his career in danger, due to killing a lion for no obvious reason. Walter is now having the law all over him for something that he should have not done. He should have to face in consequences of prison due to his actions. He has failed to obey the Lacey Act. Walter had hired a guide to help kill the lion. The guide provided information to the law that the lion was killed by Walter Palmer. He says that Cecil was shot by a bow and arrow. After Cecil was shot he was soon returned to America for a trophy after taking him off the premises of…show more content…
Weather Walters career gets invaded, he should still be punished. He could have harmed some other Object not an animal. The animal had cubs to take care of, and now their life is in danger. Other people may have a different opinion.
If it was another lion Walter may have not been punished. The Law should be that if killing any lion of any type should be punished. The person whom killed it should suffer the same as the lion did. The lions have a soul just like everyone else. If Walter gets punished for this lion and other people don’t get punished for killing another lion, then Walter shouldn’t be punished for this. Disobeying the Lacey Act is something Walter Palmer did in Cecil the lion written by Matthew Drake. Walter should have been punished for killing the lion that has done no harm. He should be punished due to there being proof by the guide that he hired, he’s putting the cubs in danger, and he shouldn’t have killed the lion for no reason. Walter might be putting his career in danger, but he has to face the consequences. Killing an animal is something to go to jail
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