Why Is It Important To Measure Performance In Nursing

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Measuring Performance in Diabetes Prevention and Teamwork Performance outcomes are something that with every performance, whether it be the performance of a company and their earnings for that month, how a hospital ward was able to meet patient satisfaction with each patient, or how a research study has progressed are all important outcomes. According to Kelly (2011) the performance measurement continuum allows managers to track how a performance progression across the quality continuum. Teamwork can effect the performance outcomes on many different levels in each of the before mentioned types of performances. Many projects and research developments depend on teamwork to ensure that everything is completed in a timely manner and that nothing gets missed. Teamwork that is not functioning correctly can often times impede that performance so badly that affects the outcome for the overall goal of the performance. The ability to successfully construct and manage teams is a aptitude that is crucial to all categories of management. Measuring Performance Across the Quality Continuum The quality continuum measures results of a performance starting in early efforts and progressing to the mature efforts of the performance and discuses results reported, comparative information, trend data, and organizational performance (Kelly, 2011). In relation to the topic of diabetes…show more content…
Additionally, it is important for health care providers to remember what is like to be the patient and always be on the look out for ways that they can make the quality of care that the patient receives better. Conclusively, by always being will the change and adapt the practice management will always be better able to lead the team into a better environment for the changes made and also the
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