Why Is It Important To Prevent Ww2

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The second world war facilitated one of the largest changes in history ever known to the civilized human being, much more so that the implications of World War I. The rise of Germany after its first defeat was far more powerful than that of the first. A country in economic ruin was revived by the leadership of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party. The party was not only restricted to specialized people within Germany, but the creation of the SS allowed thousands of Germans to become part of the Nazi party. The SS was Hitler’s backbone from his leadership to carrying out beliefs that were made to exterminate jews, to fighting a war against the allied nations in Europe. The SS remained active even after the bitter end of the Reichstag in Berlin, still fighting for their belief and way until their lives were taken. The SS was one of the strongest agencies in the world at the time growing to millions of people who had joined to fight and protect their nazi belief. The leaders of the SS composed sister agencies such as the Waffen, the death heads, and the political embassy of the reichstag. They were the strong arm of Germany, making them extremely important to the history of Germany.…show more content…
The SS itself had also needed its heavy lifting to be done, which lead to the creation of the Waffen SS. The Waffen SS were similar but different from the Wehrmacht, they had the military power as the Wehrmacht had, but were able to engage on civilian targets, that the SS had wanted executed. The SS were not only involved in executing citizens, but they were also equipt with the most advanced technology Germany had to offer, making them a higher priority
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