Why Is It Important To Promote Diversity

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Question: Question 1a Answer: 1a
After working for a year in the school I can now see how legislation that promotes diversity and equality in the setting. We now have many different children who have different needs and are from different cultures. I truly believe that they all deserve to have the same opportunities as everyone else, and now being able to understand the legislation inforceâ€TMs my own opinions and the way I will work harder for the children.
Every child matters 2003, childrenâ€TMs act 2004 updated 2010
These acts were put in to place to make sure that everyone understands and correctly knows how to help children achieve more I have learnt the following acronym sheep
-Stay safe
-Enjoy and achieve -Economic well-being
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Question: Question 1c
Answer: As a school it is important to embrace and positively value different diversities and cultures. We study other religions, Celebrating Diwali. Visiting Mosques and Hindu temples. Displays are put around the school when we are learning or celebrating various festivals.
The children have stories from other countries, they cook and taste food. Some learn the languages even saying “bonjour― at register.
It also means that the children learn that our world is diverse from a very early age .They understand that everyoneâ€TMs different .This means that children are never made to feel isolated or different because there culture or beliefs are different .Making it an overall better learning place.
Question: Question 1d
Answer: We must ensure that we value everyoneâ€TMs different cultures and beliefs .We may not understand them or believe in them but itâ€TMs important to only show that we value them ,as children will pick up on opinions or comments that are discriminatory .We need no understand our
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I find it very interesting learning about their different religions cultures. But I have found that as a parent myself it is hard to understand how other parents bring up their children so very differently. I have had many discussions with my mentors about this and now understand that different cultures have different expectations and although I do not believe in these expectations I now understand that this is the way it is. It does mean that I am extra vigilant in making sure that the children are not discriminated

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