Why Is It Important To Take A Standardized Test

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When I take a standardized test I feel like I do my best to try to get a good score on it and I definitely try more than I would normally try on other test. I wouldn 't say i 'm a good test taker because when I get stuck on a problem I normally would stay on it for a long time also I get nervous easily so it gets hard to think straight. I 've been that way because I can deal with taking a huge test that is very important and I 'm not good under pressure. The way I prepare for a standardized test is I put everything I had trouble with behind me and try to make all the positive things I 've done help me out and try to release the stress I have. The night before the day of testing I don 't study because I don 't want to think about the test at all I just want to relax and not get anymore stress than needed. The best problems I say I do best on is the word problems with multiple choice answers, the reason for that is because I find those easy to do because if you completely don 't know how to answer or what to answer you can just take an educated guess or be crossing out the answer you know are wrong until you get the last 2 or the last answer. The questions I struggle the most on are the really long word problems with more question than…show more content…
I think standardized test really help you recall everything you 've learned about. I think students take standardized test because it helps them remember everything they have studied about. The purpose is so they don 't forget what they were taught. I think they can be useful for helping you with future things you will learn about. I don 't think there are problems with standardized test I think they are good for refreshing your learning skills. I think the results are mailed to other school so other teachers can look at them. If I could change the test I would make them a bit shorter so you don 't have to worry about spending a lot of time
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