Why Is It Important To Wear A Seatbelt

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The Importance of Wearing a Seatbelt In every fourteen seconds a car accident occurs, resulting in an injured victim and with increasing numbers of drivers each year. Car accidents have become more-and-more of a common sight. With people dying more often each year as a result of car accidents and numerous more receiving serious injury, it leads many to wonder how we could prevent these accidents or protect ourselves in the event of one occurring. Seatbelts dramatically reduce both the risk of death and of serious injury, with drivers and front seat passengers; it reduces the risk of death by forty-five percent and the risk of serious injury by half. Seatbelts are so essential because of the lives they can save, the laws and data supporting it, and how detrimental not wearing a seatbelt can actually be. To understand why it is so important to wear a seatbelt, we have to understand what it is as well as the numerous reasons as to why it is so essential. A seatbelt is a restraining device used to protect passengers in most motorized vehicles. In the 1930s, seatbelts were invented when physicians decided they were a needed safety precaution to lower the number of injuries. In 2009, seatbelts were reported at saving almost thirteen thousand lives of drivers and front passengers. Research done by the…show more content…
The families and friends affected by the loss of a loved one because of a driving accident causes great stress and detrimental loss. With the amount of lives that have been saved and could have been saved with a seatbelt it makes it easy to understand why the government has placed laws in regards to the use of seatbelts. Seatbelts have greatly impacted the driving community through the lives that could be saved, the laws and data supporting it, and how impacting and devastating not wearing a seatbelt can actually
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