Why Is It Important To Work In A Team

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John F. Kennedy once said “ Do not ask what America can do for you, ask what you can do for America,” Even the president can’t work alone on most tasks. This is why he has a special team to help him. It’s important to work in a team because it can help with popularity and show effort in teamwork. It’s important to be popular in a group because it can help you achieve goals with friends. For example, Donald Trump became president because a lot of people know him from past events. Donald Trump had an appearance in Home Alone and is the main character in his own TV show. A lot of people voted for him because they knew him from his TV show and find his show funny. Just like Ronald Reagan, Trumps career with television made many people vote for him in the election. Being popular in a group is important because it helps you finish your job and show the effort that you put into it.…show more content…
For example, the U.S. military works together for America and its freedom. The U.S. military keeps America and its ally’s safe from harm. They all work together so that they can get their mission done faster and easier. Effort is important in a group because everyone helps get the job done. Working with a group is important because it helps with popularity and effort. It is better to work in a group than alone because two minds are always better than one. Bill Gates once said “ Every time i get the chance, I hire a lazy person to do a job because they will always find an easier way to finish
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