Why Is It Worth Being Punished

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Is it worth being punished $250,000 for downloading music of my favorite artist? Online piracy is when downloading things illegally; for instance, music, films, shows, games, and software. People should not be prosecuted or given an immense amercement for downloading music for free. When people download music and share it, they try to make their artist famous. Otherwise, people would not pay money to listen to music they never heard of and they might not like it. Fans, 18 and under, want to listen to music. However, not all parents like spending their money just for songs. Not all people would pay for music, thus, they download music for free and share them with others to make their favorite artists more famous. As a result, more people…show more content…
They might not pay, but they do a favor for the artist by sharing their music with others. In this way, others would be interested in the artist. In fact, new fans could possibly pay to get their tracks and album. Others argue that artists do not get paid enough. How would they feed themselves?How would they feed their families? Each person who is downloading their music without paying is stealing the artist 's money.Furthermore, they are taking away all their hard work without paying for it. They worked so hard, not for someone like you to steal it, not only that, but you share it so people would not buy it and take it for free. To sum up, the government should not prosecute people for online piracy. There are people who cannot afford the money to pay for each song they want to listen to. You might say, it is only for one dollar, but when they want ten music, it would cost them ten dollars.In those ten dollars they could bring food and feed their families. For weeks artists might have worked, nevertheless, people are going to your concerts and they pay you for it. Poor people work for months and years, not to pay for songs, but for feeding their
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