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The Sniper You think in every war There 's always a winner and loser well not in this one… The book I 'm covering is “the sniper” by Liam O 'flaherty In Dublin near the River Liffey From a rooftop near O’Connell Bridge, a Republican sniper observes the scene while eating a sandwich and drinking whiskey. When a car pulls up, he holds his fire.. An old woman stops to tell the person pulling up the position of the sniper. When the gunner moves from his place, the sniper pulls the trigger, “boom boom” he kills the man and the old women, the car speeds away. Out of nowhere bullets fire and wounds the sniper in the arm, he collapses and drops his rifle as blood drips from his wound, although he feels no pain. His arm is numb. He opens a first-aid kit and rubs iodine all over the wound. Then he places cotton on the wound and bandage it. He can no longer hold his gun. He has only his revolver to keep himself…show more content…
These are all examples of why there are no real winners in war, no matter who killed who or who had won the most properties.

My second topic is that war is just not worth here is why,
War is not worth it with all the violence psychical damage taken for example in the story when the IRA sniper took a bullet in the arm and had to self treat himself all of this could have been avoided if there was more communication Second innocent lives are taken for no reason because of dumb violence like the incident that happened earlier in the story when the IRA sniper killed the innocent old lady and the man just because of something small that token out of proposition, all could have been handled a different way lastly the killing of the IRA snipers brother could have been all been avoided if communication was just more clearly and more common sense was use, the ira brother could have still been alive and he would have not been so wounded. These all support that war is not worth it, it is just adding more to the fuel when technically no real winners
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