Why Is JROTC Important?

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ROTC began with President Wilson signing the National Defense Act of 1916. With over 100 years of JROTC, a great milestone is earned. There have been many improvements economically and socially, with more to come our way. Focusing on the past, present, and future is more than one can hope as many of you can sense. The past was filled with golden history from the first uniform to the most controversial issues. One issue that stood out the most at the time was women being or being associated with the military. As many believed they weren 't fit physically. Although women were later permitted to participate, many obstacle where still up ahead. Challenges proceeded many, not just women, but men also. With exceptionally hard PT and stricter requirement. The United States Army Junior Reserve Officers ' Training Corps (JROTC) came into being with the passage of the National Defense Act of 1916. Under the provisions of the Act, high schools were authorized the loan of federal military equipment and the assignment of active duty military personnel as instructors. In 1964, the Vitalization Act opened JROTC up to the other services and replaced most of the active duty instructors with retired members of the armed forces, who worked for and are cost shared by the schools. In April 1986, the U.S. Army…show more content…
As for the present, Cadet Command is also responsible for the Junior ROTC. Today, there are over 1600 JROTC units and over 274,000 cadets. Both totals are historic highs. JROTC has an enormously positive effect on our youth, helping young people from across the socio-economic spectrum. Cadets graduate from high school at a higher rate, have higher GPAs and get in trouble less frequently than their classmates. Although the JROTC is a citizenship program, not a recruiting tool, JROTC graduates enter the armed forces at a much higher rate than their peers. The Junior ROTC is a great program, benefiting the Army, the Nation, local communities, and above all, the JROTC cadets

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