Why Is Jackie Robinson So Successful

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Jackie Robinson How would you feel if you were the first black player is the MLB and you weren 't wanted there. When that 's how Jackie Robinson felt he wasn 't wanted he felt pain sadness and more. Well he had to fight through it and not give up because he was truly great. Jackie happened to be so good his accomplishment were unstoppable. Jackie Robinson’s childhood wasn 't the greatest one to live as a kid. Jackies family was poor and he was black so it wasn 't great for him. He lived in a small home and his family didn 't have much food. At his school he wasn 't wanted because he went to a black and whites school so he had to switch. As Jackie grew a little bit older he joined a all blacks baseball league and from then on his…show more content…
So Jackie having natural skill they tried him at first base he was good but needed improvement so he got better and became the greatest black player in history so that 's why he is partly famous. As Jackie went on to do bigger and better things with his life he accomplished many things. One of them just being in the MLB is huge you finally are at the top level of baseball and making lots of money. Another was being the first black player in history in the MLB he had the guts, heart, and soul to be that player that had to take the hard road to get there. The last one at the end of his career he was the most honored first baseman in the league. But overall of his accomplishments playing baseball was the best he said. Other than being famous Jackie had accomplished one more thing other than being the first black player in the MLB. He was also the first black first baseman in the hall of fame. Jackie had his number retired to the Dodgers and to this day they still have number 42 on the wall of that stadium. Jackie retired in 1957 and was honored tell he died at an young age but died healthy. Jackie lived to be 53 and had two kids. Jackie ended his career on a good note he left with a batting average of .331 witch if you don 't know anything about baseball that is
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