Why Is Jay Ison Wrong

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In the court of law, everyone is guilty until proven innocent. Thus, Hobart Ison was guilty when killing Hugh O’ Connor. Though by law Hobart was a murderer, many question that very decision. Though a killer, locals of urban Kentucky would argue that his actions are justifiable. Elizabeth Barret creates Stranger with a Camera as a tool to look into those justifications and see the reasons Ison murdered O’Connor. She delves into the Kentucky hills and retraces the steps of O’Connor and what could have led to his death. In the end, the local poverty, ill-timing, and quick temperament of Hobart led to the murder of Hugh O’Connor. Hobart Ison was not an evil man in any sense. He was a hard worker who was good with his hands and lived a seemingly normal life. Though a majority of the people around him did not live luxurious lives, he took pride in what they had and had come from. That pride was hurt when the government sent in volunteer workers and programs to fix the area of. Northern Kentucky did not accurately portray America as a place of riches and opportunity. It was a poor area and so were the people living there. Sure they were able to get by with the means…show more content…
Barret, upon doing her research about Ison and his situation can see that Hobart was doing the right thing, but did it in the wrong way. Yes, Hobart is outspoken about what he believes and his pride, but murdering someone is not how he could have shown it. It is important to tell this story and show people the lives of those living in Northern Kentucky. They are not poor, ignorant hillbilly. Barret saw it necessary to show that they are capable of handling themselves and do not need the extra help as they are strong enough to take care of themselves. Ison was not justified in his murder to kill, but justified in his pride being hurt. Though he dealt with it in the wrong way, he had the right
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