Why Is Jem Finch So Important In To Kill A Mockingbird

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I believe-Atticus I believe in the righteousness of forever peace even in wrong, law is a side effect of purity as long as honesty and fairness is in play to lead to the fulfilling future. My children are growing older and I hope that they are getting the right guidance to change the way people see things, as others see a light that is dimmed by their own bias beliefs towards other. Especially since their mother die, but Aunt Alexandra has been a big help, most of the time... When she is not making the decisions for my children and the people who work for me, without me. They have learned a lot in their young adolescent life so far and will continue to learn just as long as i’m here to do so, I just hope others don’t change the way they feel,…show more content…
Tom Robinson was not treated fair from the hypocrisy of others; that a black man is as evil as the devil himself and is out to get you and your children, showing the scrutiny of ignorant town-folk. But it didn’t stop Scout and Jem from seeing he’s just a person, one that wasn’t capable to perform an act like what he was being accused of. Scout is still a little girl, but by this rate she will become wiser than her age as well as mine. Her and Jem are good kids’, they even understand Author Radley better than everyone else in Maycomb and learned not to judge someone “-until you climb into his skin and walk around in it”(Lee 30). The night Bob Ewell died was tragic, but it was exceeded then other option of it ending up as my children instead, that man was offull, the way he acted and treated others was indescribable, a drunken man put his guilt onto a black man for his own sins, and threatened my life and then tried to kill my kids...the audacity of that man or if you could even call him a man was impeccable. Even with that terrifying night, Jem and Scout still manage to surprise me even when facing death. Although it was Author that saved my kids life, I can’t thank him enough, other than to keep this night unheard of to the reste
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