Why Is Jesse James Outlaw

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BANG, a gun shot and killed 3 people. Jesse James is at it again, hes on a killing roll and back to take back what he got a long time ago. Jesse James is a western times outlaw of the 1800’s. Jesse James was a very good thief and he was good at escaping from the law. The first 2 months the cops tried to catch Jesse James. He got away. Jesse James could get away from anything. He was slicker than hot butter. Four months later, Jesse James Jacked 1 sack of gold. The cops found out about it and thought they could catch this Jesse James easily. Well, they found out that he shot a cop and stole his guns and ammo along with horse, pills, and money. But the bad thing was that this cop was a sheriff, so the cops had no one to look to for orders …show more content…

So there is 2 cities worth of cops and bounty watching and searching for him. So the next day the 2 cities went out looking for him. they thought that they had seen him and shot and killed 3 people and they were innocent. The cops just could catch or identify him at all. Then 3 months later the cops try to trap Jesse James in his house while he was sleeping, but the cops see that he moved out. Then the cops go and try to find him and they do, he was eating under a tree in a city called Armadillo. Jesse sees the cops, drops his food and grabs his sacks of gold, gets on his horse runs and he shoots. The two cops in the front of the pack got shot and the other cops stopped to help. Only 2 cops keep chasing jesse james and he lost them about 77 yards away. The cops noticed something when they seen Jesse start to run, they seen that Jesse James had stolen a third sack of gold. 3 months Later the cops heard about the best cops in the U.S. and asked them to help stop Jesse James, they all agreed to help after hearing all that he has done. So that next day the cops got together and searched and found him. Jesse James shot 6 of them and on his last shot he got shot in the arm along with his horse. Jesse fell off and layed there and said for the cops to give all his family an apoligy and tell them he loves

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