Why Is Jim Jones Wrong

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On November 18, 1978, nine hundred and fourteen people, two hundred and seventy-six of them children, were killed from the inside out in an evil disguise of retribution. Led by James Warren “Jim” Jones, the flock of followers in Jonestown, Guyana surrounded their beloved preacher unknowing of what was to come. In the gatherers punch were traces of cyanide and valium, which is deadly upon ingestion. Some of the more loyal followers drank willingly, but those that were reluctant were forced to obey. Being smaller, children were the first to succumb to the poison, followed shortly after by the elderly and then the rest of the group. The acclaimed messiah Jones decided to take a different way out with a gunshot to the head. It is still unsolved as to whether Jones pulled the trigger himself or if one of his close followers did the deed for him.
Family Background Jim Jones unfortunately came into this world on May 13, 1931. His father, James Thurman Jones,
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Several other children commented that he was always preaching the word of God and seemed to be more than obsessed with death. Some even noted that there was time when he murdered a cat by stabbing the animal repeatedly. He then followed up by burying the carcass in his parent’s yard and even gave the poor thing a funeral. Other than the sadistic part of Jones, he was a rather outstanding child. He was an exemplary student and always landed at the top of his classes. He graduated with honors from Richmond High school, and attended two different Universities. Jim married Marceline Baldwin in 1949. They proceeded to adopt five children, and had one biologically. Besides his own biological son, only one of the adopted children were Caucasian. Jones was never very stable and believed he was the Messiah. After dragging his family and followers all over California, Jones eventually rented four thousand acres and with the help of his flock, built a colony in
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