Why Is Joan Of Arc Wrong

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At one point or another, nearly every person has been yelled at or punished for something they did not do. Many people can feel the hurt they felt for being wrongly accused, even if it was something minor, such as breaking something of their mother’s. Joan of Arc felt all this and more at her trial in 1431. At only 18 years of age, Joan was placed before a court of Biblical scholars and educated lawyers and tried for crimes she did not commit. Joan of Arc’s trial was extremely fake and unjust.
The unfortunate story of Joan of Arc started before her trial and conviction. During her lifetime, France was deep in war with England, with everyone believing God was on the French side. Through their fighting, England’s goal was to prove that God was on the English side. When
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There are many accounts of Joan wearing male clothing, no one could deny that. However, the Rosarium super Decreto says, “If a woman should have a proper purpose, such as in order to [safely] travel abroad, or to protect her chastity… or if some other necessity should arise, she is not committing a sin if she should then make use of male clothing…” (“Primary” 11); if this true, Joan of Arc should not have been condemned at all. As part of her initial mission from God, she had to travel over 250 miles of enemy territory (Castor). As a young woman traveling alone in English and Burgundian territory, she needed to protect herself and her chastity. According to the Rosarium super Decreto and even the Bible, that is more than enough reason to wear men’s clothing. Even after she recanted and began wearing women’s clothing again, several witnesses say she was assaulted and raped in her cell (Castor). This would also give her a good reason to put herself back in male clothing. According to several sources that trying to be used against her, she was not committing a sin wearing these
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