Why Is John Cabot A Hero

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Giovanni “John” Caboto Giovanni “John” Cabot was a successful, and adventurous Italian explorer/navigator, who is known for making big discoveries. He is known for discovering and claiming land in Canada, and somewhere in North America off the coast of the Labrador Peninsula. John Cabot was raised in Bristol, England and was born into a wealthy family. His family would buy spices and sell them, (at the time spices were really expensive and rare to find). In addition, just like Christopher Columbus he was search for Asia (but actually founded North America), and was also in search for the Northwest Passage. Most importantly, he sailed for England and King Henry VII paid for his voyages/expeditions. Giovanni Cabot was married and had 3 sons;…show more content…
But, I think that he is a hero for many reasons. Firstly, although he never treated people nicely (like most explorers) he did treat them with respect. Another, why Cabot should be seen as a hero is because he granted King Henry VII with land that England could now conquered. “Cabot and his crew quickly sailed back to England, where he was welcomed as a hero.” According to the website, http://mrnussbaum.com/explorers/john_cabot/ . Which basically means that Cabot did such good for England that people treated them with respect and honor. In addition, John Cabot is a hero because he, “he did find new lands that would become the foundation of Canadian and American society centuries later”. So, that means Cabot founded land that helped create a new place for people to build societies later on. As the website, “http://apecsec.org/6-fun-facts-about-john-cabot/” reads.” Lastly, even though they are many great reasons to consider him a hero, they are ways that show he was a villain. For example, he mistreated people who he met and traded with, also he was probably mean to his crew members because they decided to mutiny their captain (John
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