Why Is John F Kennedy A Good President

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The presidency of John F Kennedy was one of controversy both in the past and in the present. There has long been a debate on whether or not he was a good or bad president. He did many things to help the U.S., On the other hand, there are many questionable things that he did that may have hurt the United States. The negatives seem to outweigh the positive things that he did, which proves that he was not such a great President. John F Kennedy was born May 29th, 1917 in Brookline Massachusetts. He was one of nine children and his father became a very successful businessman and his family lived a very comfortable life. As a young man he attended a boarding school for boys in Connecticut. He played many sports and enjoyed reading. He wasn't…show more content…
The first year of his presidency did not go well. One main reason was because of The Bay of Pigs invasion that had caused Cuba to become a communist state. This event ended up being a disaster and came very close to causing a nuclear war. Many lives were lost and people were injured. The Cubans were going to overthrow the government and rebel against the Cuban people. Kennedy did not give support for air assistance for the invasion which made him look vulnerable. This caused damage to America’s reputation around the world. JFK was constantly worried about nuclear war between the soviet union and United States. The Cuban missile crisis was said to be his fault. He was to blamed for the situation because he taunted the Soviet Union and they reacted by placing missiles in Cuba. When Kennedy discovered the missiles he reacted in an aggressive manner. He cut off all trade with Cuba after this happened. These events have long since caused tensions between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. It is also believed that Kennedy’s choices led to the escalation in Vietnam. He made the decision to overthrow the president of South Vietnam. This led to greater American involvement in this conflict. After this North Vietnam attempted to destabilize South Vietnam. This in turn later caused escalation by Lyndon Johnson in 1964. Kennedy also gave authorization to a coup in 1963 against the leader…show more content…
One of the first things he did was create the Peace Corps which still remains in the United States today. This is a service opportunity for people to volunteer to help make a change in communities around the world. This program is designed to promote world peace. Volunteers from the peace corps will go to many places around the world and help in any way they can. Some provide education, farming assistance, healthcare and complete construction projects for people in need around the globe. This organization has helped improve foreign attitudes towards the United States. He wanted the United States to lead the way in space exploration. Prior to his presidency, the United States was always one step behind the Soviet Union in space endeavors. JFK increased spending on the space program in order to try and get ahead in the space race. He was the first president to ask Congress for money to help land an American man onto the moon. On February 20, 1962, astronaut John Glenn orbited the Earth three times and safely landed in the Atlantic Ocean. After this accomplishment, the U.S. was now equal in space exploration to the Soviet Union. His actions and dedication to the space program eventually contributed to landing a man on the moon in 1969. He also gave a well thought out speech about equal rights regarding racial segregation in hopes that it would come to an end. He passed a law that said
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