Why Is John Hancock Important To American History

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John Hancock was president of the Second Continental Congress and first Governor of the commonwealth of Massachusetts born on January 12, 1737 in Braintree Massachusetts most commonly know for his large signature on the Declaration of Independence. He was an important figure during the American Revolution and was one of the richest men in the colonies. Hancock lived an interesting life and provided a significant impact to American history. He was the son of John Hancock and Mary Hawke. In 1742, his father died and Thomas Hancock, his uncle, later adopted him. He enrolled in Harvard University and received a master’s degree in 1750. After graduating, he worked for his uncles shipbuilding business. John eventually took over the business and became one of the wealthiest men in America. In 1766, John Hancock was elected to the Boston Assembly. He was a member of the Stamp Act Congress, he abetted the Boston Tea Party, and in 1774 he was elected president of the Massachusetts Provincial Congress. The following year he became the leader of the Boston patriot committee and an ally of John Adams.…show more content…
John Hancock was the first to sign the Declaration of Independence and has the largest signature. He claimed that he would be honored as the first signee if America won the war, and if America lost he would be the first to be hanged for treason. After he signed, he mockingly said “There, George the Third can read that without his spectacles.” He died October 8th in 1793 and is remembered mainly for his rambunctious
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