Why Is John Proctor Important In The Crucible

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This book the Crucible, it takes place in Salem in which a series of problems have come up. In addition, a girl named Abigail persuaded and intimidated people to get what she wanted, which is John Proctor. However, Danforth accused Proctor for working with the devil and gets hanged for it with Sarah Good. These events caused people to take revenge on others and killed, out of greed. To begin with, the Salem witch trials had a negative impact to the people, Judges, and the people of the Church. Such people like Mary or Paris, lied and betrayed people to get what they want in which caused people to hate them, also, couple of people died, loved ones, friends, and families. According to Mary “No, I love God’; I go your way no more. I love God, I bless God” (Miller 1152). After the trial,the judges accused John Proctor of forcing Mary to evoke the Judges, furthermore, no one but Elizabeth and Hale tried to stop the hanging. Surrendering from trying, John Proctor was glad in the end, confessing his sins to god and not letting the court take advantage of him. Before the hangings, some civilians intimidated or warned Paris to postpone the hangings, which didn’t happen so Paris might be dead in…show more content…
Danforth stated, “You misunderstand, sir; I cannot pardon these when twelve have already been hanged for the same crime.”(Miller 1156). After he hung twelve people, Danforth thinks that we shouldn’t stop because if they were to stop it, that would say that they were wrong in their judgement.Courageously, they kept it going, thinking that they were right and everyone who opposed them or the girls, were working with the devil. Worried that Hale was wrong, he left and came back, trying to get people to just give in, that living and lying is better than dying. So furthermore, Hale and people of the church has been somehow
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