Why Is John Steinbeck Important

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For my first a paragraph I 'm writing about John Steinbeck. He was born a 2/27/1902 and past away on 12/20/1968. The first book he ever made was Cup of Gold in 1929. The reason why John Steinbeck was so important because he won a Pulitzer Prize in 1940 and a Nobel prize September 14th 1964 for the books he wrote. Some of the books he wrote were Grapes of Wrath, Tortilla Flats, and Of Mice and Men. All of these books created social programs to help people during the Great Depression. He also sadly died from heart failure.

Migrant workers, mainly worked on farms in California. People from different places all over the world moved to America to work on farms. The conditions that the workers were living in were horrible. They lived under bridges or they lived in small shacks or shanties. Most of the workers were picking up 450 to 500 pounds a day for a 100 pound woman. The money that they got a year was insanely low equaling out to $268-$500. California was not affected by the dust bowl, but the states that were affected by it were in a drought and the migrant workers were over farming and had to disrupt soil.
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If your parents were at the bottom of the economic ladder, you would more than likely be at the bottom as well. Different people had different chances at reaching the American Dream. A lot of civilians thought that everyone should have the same chance to achieve this goal. Many people have defined the American Dream
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