Why Is Joseph Stalin Bad

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Undoubtedly, Joseph Stalin was the most influential ruler in Europe because of his ruling prowess and iron fist. For one, he had complete rule over his people, thus making him an extremely powerful leader. Second, he was a propaganda master who could manipulate even the strongest people. Finally, he was a smart man who could leverage his spot in the government any time he wanted, making him a dangerous foe for most of his political opponents. One of the main reasons that Stalin was a dangerous yet extremely powerful ruler was his ability to completely control the population of the USSR, whether it be with terror tactics or simple propaganda. For one, he adopted the Communist ideologies into his government. Stalin himself once said that “We don 't let them have ideas. Why…show more content…
For one Spartacus Educational writes that “Joseph Stalin was expelled from the Tiflis Theological Seminary. Several reasons were given for this action including disrespect for those in authority and reading forbidden books. Stalin was later to claim that the real reason was that he had been trying to convert his fellow students to Marxism.” Even from an early age, Stalin was committed to the cause that would eventually become his life. His commitment was also fairly extreme, as shown with him getting expelled from a bible school. Another piece of evidence, provided by Spartacus Educational” shows that Stalin deeply cared about the cause he was involved in, even getting sent to an Imperial Russian prison because of it. It reads, “On 18th April, 1902, Stalin was arrested after coordinating a strike at the large Rothschild plant at Batum and sent to Kutaisi Prison.” It is insane that Stalin participated willfully in something that would land him in prison, once again showing just what kind of man he was, and to what lengths he was willing to go to promote his
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