Why Is Julius Caesar A Good Leader

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Some people argue that Julius Caesar was the greatest military general and politician of all time; however, I disagree. In my opinion, Caesar was a forceful dictator who only cared about his own wealth and power, punished innocent citizens, and was greedy for supporters. Julius Caesar just wanted himself to be satisfied, even if it was at the expense of the Roman republic. He also punished all of the innocent citizens that just wanted to sustain the old laws and traditions of the Roman republic. Another reason he is not an astonishing leader is that he increased the number of senators so that more people would support him. I have concluded that Julius Caesar was not the fantastic leader that many people say he was, and he was a forceful and selfish dictator who does not deserve my respect. Even though Julius Caesar is very well known, does he deserve all of this fame? In my opinion,…show more content…
Therefore, to gain supporters, he raised the number of senators. His reasoning for this is selfish. It is understandable that he wanted supporters, but it is not fair to take away people’s rights to gain the size of an empire. Raising the number of members in the senate weakened the power of the people, which led to the end of a republic and the start of an empire. There is a lot of contradictory on whether Julius Caesar was a hero or a villain. In spite of the fact that he is very famous, I believe that he was a cruel dictator. If I compared all of his rights and wrongs, then his corrupt actions would overrule his fair actions. Julius Caesar does not deserve to be put up on a pedestal due to all of his immoral and greedy acts. Overall, his need for personal happiness at the expense of Rome, punishing faultless citizens, and selfishly raising the number of senate members ruined the idea of Caesar being a brave
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