Why Is Julius Caesar A Tragic Hero

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The Tragedy of Julius Caesar is a classic play written by none other than William Shakespeare. In this play, the downfall of a well-respected and honorable man is dramatically displayed in printed words. Although, many readers speculate whether Julius Caesar himself is truly the undeniable tragic hero of this play. Another character, Brutus, is introduced and serves as a foil to Caesar. Brutus is purportedly an honorable man and a good friend of Caesar who has pride for Rome and the republic. After Caesar 's death, the play advances into the aftermath. As it continues, the audience questions if the tragic hero is not really Caesar, but the honorable Brutus. Granting that the play is titled The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, Caesar makes minimal appearances in the play and dies in the third act. The play is centered more around Caesar 's death than on Caesar himself. In The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, the real tragic hero is in reality, Brutus. Throughout the story, Brutus presents the six main characteristics of a tragic hero: hamartia,…show more content…
Another flaw Brutus obtained is impressionability. Cassius was able to persuade Brutus to join the conspiracy through pathos by explaining how Brutus ' is just as competent as Caesar, "Brutus and Caesar: what should be in that 'Caesar '? Why should that name be sounded more than your?" (Shakespeare 539). Brutus is easily influenced by others, especially if it appeals to his status or honor. Brutus responds to Cassius ' rant about Caesar that appeals to him, "That you do love me, I am nothing jealous; what you would work me to, I have some aim" (Shakespeare 540). This flaw also leads to him being naïve. In III.i, Brutus makes crucial decisions without the other 's opinions on the situation. His naivety gets the best of him when he allowed Mark Antony to speak at Caesar 's funeral (despite Cassius ' disapproval). His misguided kindness transcended to Antony turning all the citizens of Rome against the conspirators for killing their

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