Why Is Julius Caesar Bad

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Julius Caesar “If you must break the law, do it to seize power: in all other cases observe it.” - Julius Caesar. I have spent many hours reading the play, watching the movie, and researching articles online. After you get done reading my argument you too will agree that it is okay to bend the law for the good of the people or for the good of the country. Julius Caesar did do illegal things for the good of his country like when he had a relationship with Cleopatra, threatened to kill Vercingetorix, and started many wars to expand Rome’s land. Julius Caesar married his third and last wife Calpurnia in 59 BC when she was only sixteen years old. She was unable to have children and that did cause a lot of tension between Caesar and Calpurnia. While Caesar was away at war for two years he cheated on Calpurnia with Cleopatra and she got pregnant. Caesar did it because he wanted to make her the Queen of Egypt also because it would expand…show more content…
Caesar let Vercingetorix go without hurting him. He then went against him and got a army to destroy Caesar. Vercingetorix then had his men retreat instead of continuing to fight a war with Caesar because he wanted his men to live and there would not be no one left in Gaul. Caesar ended up getting Vercingetorix to surrender and ended the war. If Caesar would've just killed him then and there, he could have stopped an eight year war from happening. Julius Caesar started several wars to expand Rome’s land. The Gallic War and Caesar’s Civil War. The Gallic War took place in what is now France in 58 BC - 51 BC. The Gallic War ended in September 52 BC at the Battle of Alesia. After the Gallic War was followed by the civil war, Caesar chased his enemies into Greece and defeating them there. Caesar then went to Egypt, where he defeated the pharaoh and named Cleopatra as the Queen of Egypt. Julius Caesar remained the “Roman Dictator” until he was assassinated on March 15, 44
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