Why Is Julius Caesar Considered A Tragic Hero

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There are many speculations as to which character is considered the tragic hero in the story of Julius Caesar. Caesar was a good military leader, who defeated Pompey in a battle. He was ambitious and really wanted to be the king of Rome. Brutus was a man that was respected by all of the Romans because he was a very noble and honorable man. Many people believe that Caesar was the tragic hero and others believe that Brutus was the tragic hero. Although, in a way they were both a tragic hero, only one fits the true definition. First, Julius Caesar was a man who really cared for the people who he was close to. He had just defeated Pompey and the Roman people loved him. He was offered a crown three times and he did not accept it each time. This made him look like a non-ambitious leader and he wanted to show modesty as he was not king. The conspirators saw this and began to think that Caesar would gain too much power and ruin Rome. So the conspirators then made a plan to kill Caesar, but Caesar was very suspicious of Cassius and said “Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look. He thinks too much. Such men are dangerous.”
On the day that they planned to kill Caesar, Julius’s wife, Pompeia, had a dream of a statue of Caesar with blood coming out of him. She then interpreted this as a sign that
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Brutus heard of this and made an army as well with Cassius. The two armies faced off, and things began to look bad for the conspirators. Cassius thought Titinius was captured and decided to kill himself, saying “Oh, coward that I am, to live so long, To see my best friend ta'en before my face!” Titinius then became sad when he saw Cassius dead and he killed himself too. So when Brutus saw the two of them dead, he asked the favor of his servant to hold the sword out so he could run onto it. Brutus died a tragic death because he made the tragic flaw of killing
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