Why Is Julius Caesar Successful

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From the beginning, Julius Caesar lacked a military reputation and was seen only as a strong political leader for the Roman Republic. When he was given a five year consulship in Gaul, many Roman leaders did not consider or think that Caesar would prove himself to be one of the greatest military commanders in Roman history. Julius Caesar's defeat of Gaul was his political advertisement to advance himself in Roman leadership. In Rome, political success initiated many opportunities for men to have military command (Goldsworthy, 2007). Achievements in war gave men adoration, honor, and prosperity. The adoration and honor was seen by through the reputation that would eventually be created. The prosperity was noticed by all the money a man could…show more content…
They quickly voted for sacrifices and festivals to the gods in Caesar’s honor (Plutarch, 1915). This period of celebration was to be observed for fifteen days, a longer period than any victory had been recognized before. Part of the reason for the unprecedented celebration may have been the Roman people’s fondness for Caesar which Caesar himself had sewn through kindness he had shown in Gaul. After settling all of the current conflicts in Gaul, Caesar could now focus on business in Rome. Candidates for offices came to Caesar for money, something that again, Caesar could grant based on the spoils of his conquests. In return, these candidates did everything they could do to advance Caesar's power. The most influential and powerful men visited Caesar and decided that Caesar should receive more money, and most importantly, that Caesar's power should be renewed for an additional five years (Plutarch, 1915). Caesar's advertisement of his defeat of Gaul was paying off handsomely in money and extended leadership. This was helpful to Caesar because it allowed him to further influence men that would later help him back in Rome. Meaning, Caesar was getting closer to his goal of moving up the political ladder in
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