Should Juveniles Receive Life Without Parole

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Juvenile crimes some see their actions and think that they should be responsible to the fullest while others believe that they should be punished due to the circumstances. On June 25, there was a debate whether juvenile life without parole (JLWOP) should be a thing. There were many arguments that suggested that the juveniles should convict to life without parole stating that it's not all on them the family and home environment that the adolescent lives in plays a huge role in how they respond to certain actions. Also, sentencing juvenile life without parole is also seen as a violation of one's' Eighth Amendment which states had no human should face cruel or unusual punishment. There are also the ones who believe that the juvenile life without…show more content…
Juveniles convicted to life without parole aren't given a chance to change with rehabilitation that why it's necessary to help them so that they are able to change. In the article, "Juveniles Don't Secure Life Sentences" by Gail Garinger, explains that juveniles in the United States die in prison without even getting the help that could possibly help them change and become better people once sentenced to life in jail forever without any hope. Garinger writes, " these children were told that they could never change and that no one cared what comes of them. Denied access to education and rehabilitation programs and left without help or hope"(Par. 3, Garinger). The phrase "were told they could never change" shouldn't be what people should be hearing there should always be as a second chance for someone to change, especially a juvenile who isn't old enough to comprehend the consequences of one's action. Most believe a second chance is realizing them so they can change which isn't the truth second chance should be us helping them get the rehabilitation and education that they need to change from a person's affected from circumstances to someone realizes that they aren't alone and there are people to help him overcome his problems cause that's what good American
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