Why Is Kambili Like Running So Much?

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“I just like running,” Kambili tells her peers as she exits the school building after being criticized by them. (Chimamanda Adichie pg 51) Why does Kambili like running so much? Is it because she doesn’t want to accept the truth, so she runs away from her problems? In Kambili life, Papa is very controlling, not just to her but to everyone in her family. There are set rules, standards and expectations that are given to the family by Papa that limit their freedom. In the beginning of the book you find out that both Jaja and Kambili are controlled by strict schedules given to them by their father, and that if they break these schedules they will be abused and shamed. Papa wants his children to be “brilliant, obedient student[s]” implying they…show more content…
But the kids who tease her do not know what’s happening at home, you never know what goes on in anyone’s life but your own. Kambili is just trying to make the best of her life, she is trying to be her own person, with different opinions, and different perspectives on life, than her father. However, Papa is controlling her life and she has no say in it, no matter the circumstances. I think this method of parenting is crazy, Papa is ruining Kambili’s childhood, making her vulnerable, in the sense she doesn’t know how to fight back. Papa’s rules make her scared to speak up, there is always silence, she’s learned to say what her parents want to hear. She’s even scared to ask if they could watch TV, “I forced a cough out of my mouth; I hoped I would not stutter” simple questions could lead to trouble. (pg 79) This is a big move for Kambili, speaking up to someone in authority is basically considered a sin. Silence is the only answer. Papa does not like laughter, “They are not like those loud children people are raising these days, with no home training and no fear of go”. Papa is a a very bland person, because of his blandness, Jaja and Kambili never get to experience happiness and laughter. Perhaps running, is her only option to
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