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Which is more successful?
The company I think is the more successful between KFC and Chicken Licken is KFC. KFC is an internationally popular fast food franchise. Its Colonel Sanders logo is recognised world-wide and its slogan ‘Its finger licking good’ can be easily identified. Because KFC has been around for so long and is so well known across the world it is able to create a large customer loyalty. Chicken Licken, a fast food franchise that specifies in the exact same food as KFC does (Fried-Chicken) is known well locally but not know at all internationally. The reason for this is because Chicken Licken was started up locally but has not yet expanded internationally. KFC was started internationally and has expanded locally. Even though KFC
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There is few reasons why KFC is more successful than Chicken Licken. One being that KFC had been very popular in the US, so when it expanded to South Africa , the community had a desire to purchase their product purely because of the fact that it was foreign. From this early stages KFC already created a strong customer loyalty as it was the only fast food restaurant that was providing quality fried-chicken in the form of fast food. Because of its success in America the company already had the finance to expand even further when it reached South Africa. If we look at the start up of Chicken Licken compared to KFC we will see that Chicken Licken did not have the same successful start…show more content…
This was proven in an interview done with Sombonos where you said ‘I don't believe in market research’ In my opinion, even though it might not be true but it makes perceptions of Chicken Licken even more worse as I now think they are a lazy company that puts no effort into what the customer wants, therefore if Chicken Licken doesn't care for what their customers wants are and does do what they think is instinctively right, why should I the customer care about the franchise by supporting it. In this way Chicken Licken makes KFC seem like a more empathetic company that cares for the customers, as they implement extensive marketing

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