Why Is Lady Gaga A Mother Monster

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Lady Gaga, Mother Monster, or Stefani Germanotta is a superstar with the need to help heal the world of hate and misunderstanding.Lady Gaga is known for her eccentric fashion and atypical music videos. She refuses to tie herself down to one musical genre. Although she does produce music that follows the pop-techno sound, she also dabbles in soft rock and jazz. When it comes to her music she gives a piece of herself to her audience, ergo creating a deep connection with her Monsters, the fandom name. Lady Gaga gives her fans the maternal love that they might not receive at home, which earned her nickname as Mother Monster. She creates music that her little monsters can connect with and provide comfort for those who are lost and different. Everyone should know that Lady Gaga goes beyond making music to…show more content…
She is truly a mother of all her monsters, because of her love for all groups. Mother Monster believes that people need to stop judging what they see and try to learn what they do not know. She herself would know what that type of judging feels like. For example, people believe that Stefani worships Satan because her music videos and her song Judas, but don’t know that Stefani supports education and she is a philanthropist. Besides the rumor of her "satanic worship", she is also infamously known for her “absurd” outfits, especially during award shows. However, her outfits are an artistic way to express her personality beyond the music conveying messages such as it is okay to be peculiar and atypical. Additionally, Lady Gaga supports other women in the music industry. She is never seen having a musical feud with other female artists. She would rather create music with them to show the unity of the female community in the music industry. Furthermore, her role is significant because if females stay divided, then males will forever dominate all aspects of the

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