Why Is It Important To Learn Life Skills Essay

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Do schools have a responsibility to fill in the gaps when parents don’t educate their children about basics? It is often argued that it is never the responsibility of the school to teach students skills that are not academic. One may say that the way a student should be taught on the values of life are up the parents. Admittedly, teachers and parents are two different respected leaders in a students life. However, students spend a number of years in school with teachers who lead them into the direction of success academically, so what makes learning about life skills different? Students who are becoming into the adult world such as juniors and seniors should take mandatory classes requiring them to learn about specific life skills that build…show more content…
Why wouldn't you want all students to be given an equal opportunity to succeed? Some believe that school is strictly for learning academically so that they may be successful out of school. However, many students come from broken homes who hardly see their parents or their parents aren’t in there lives. Many kids who go to high school are homeless or have to juggle adult responsibilities at a younger age, and still try to be success in order to get the same results as kids who are more privileged. The idea of not including life skills class is also supported by the school district having to put in extra work to find new teachers, new classrooms, and new lesson plans. This puts extra pressure on high schools as these things take time. However, many schools use their time to focus on things such as new technologies for students such as IPads or Computers or sports programs that include new equipment when the equipment they have is already in good condition. If school is suppose to be strictly focused on academics, then why are they focusing on issues that wont help students after they
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