Why Is London Chronicles Wrong

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The London Chronicles wrong about life. They would say something was bad on the newspaper but it was not right. They were inaccurate. But some were true but most were not true. Research shows that the

articles were wrong.

of the inaccuracies and how they were wrong.

In place card F it says, “New England kids get no education in school.

It’s not true, because most people in New England learned to read and

write. They also had good educations in math and reading. They also

learned a lot about their religion. It also says, “every child learned new things a day. So therefore it’s inaccurate.
On place card H it says, “farmers sit and play cards for hours.” That’s not true, if you lived on a farm you can’t really take breaks. You have to do
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You can sometimes

take breaks and rest but normally you can’t. When you work all day and night to help your family.
Was the London Chronicles were wrong? Yes because they would make fake news to get people 's attention. Then people would believe it and some people would get mad if it was their problem and then fights would start and it would be chaos. Then colonies would fall apart and go to war
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