Why Is Lord Capulet To Blame For The Deaths Of Romeo And Juliet

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William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet is a classic love story that ends in a tragedy. Unable to overcome the hatred that plagues both of their families, Romeo and Juliet ultimately commit suicide. This tragedy is often viewed as a product of Verona's society. While the family feud between the Montague and the Capulets did play a major role in the early deaths of the protagonist, individual characters also contributed to their demise. Perhaps the character who played this biggest part in the tragedy was Lord Capulet, Juliet's father. There are several reasons why Lord Capulet is to be blamed for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. His decision to force Juliet to get married, his contribution of the family feud, and his decision to change the day of the marriage. The main reason I think Lord Capulet is to blame is because he forced Juliet to get married. Him forcing Juliet to get married only left Juliet two choices and that was to either run away or get married, and of course we all know that her getting marred to anyone but Romeo wasn't an option. If he had never forced her to getting married then she would not have done what she did. She did not have an option to say NO because when she did say no he threatened to throw her away. Lord Capulet "Hang thee, young…show more content…
This reason is that Lord Capulet's family has problems with Romeo's Family. If they never had problems then Juliet and Romeo would never killed there selves. I think they would have not committed suicide because Juliet could have simply told her father that she is in love with Romeo. But since they do have family feud if she told her father that he would have probably killed her. On the other hand when Romeo told his father about him marring Juliet his father wanted them to get married. He wanted them to get married because he was hopping the two families would become one and have less
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