Why Is Lying Wrong

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When is lying okay?Always,sometimes,or never?Do you think that lying is ever justified?No matter what time?Do you think that lying to your friends make you a two face?There are many reasons that justify lying. For example,lying is always justified when trying to protect someone.You wouldn´t want someone to get hurt if you are close friends with them.An example is when people lie to this one girl by telling her that she is pretty when she really is not.Therefore,you can understand that it is hard to get people to face the truth sometimes. Also,lying is also justified when you lie to keep a secret or to save a friendship with someone or if you owe someone a favor because they did one for you.For example,your friends are going to their boyfriends’ house and they tell their…show more content…
Someone who disagrees might say that it is not okay to do that(to lie) and that it is not okay. Kant might say that lying is never justified or immortal. Some people would say that if you lie then you can ruin some relationships and friendships. What is wrong with this argument?What is wrong with this argument is that many people would not get evidence or proof that lying is wrong because most people lie and that means that they were taught to lie and that means that their parent or parents that that it was okay to lie. But now,even little kids lie. My argument can speak to theirs because my argument states facts and examples. Also,my argument states my opinion and why my opinion is my opinion. At last,i believe that there are many reasons why lying is justified and that it matters because a lot of people lie everyday or at a point in
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