Why Is Macbeth Dangerous

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There are a lot of parts of the play Macbeth that were very important throughout the play. Macbeth was a very dangerous guy after the witches told him that he will become the king of scotland. That led to Macbeth killing a lot of people and having their workers or guardians making killing people and their families.

The most important part of the play of Macbeth was when Macbeth walked into the king 's room with the bodyguards in the room, but they didn 't notice Macbeth because they were to drunk to notice him.. So when they found the king dead in his bed. The first person that found out that the king was dead was Macduff and he said “ murder hath broke ope the lord 's antinone and stole thence the life of building ( act 2, scene 3-4). When he found the king dead the first people that were to blame were the guards because they were the one people that were in the room where the king was sleeping. Macbeth at first didn 't want to kill. But Lady Macbeth was basically calling Macbeth out because he was to scared to kill the king. So Macbeth wants to prove her wrong and he kills king Duncan. So he tells Lady Macbeth he will kill Duncan and she plans the plan for the murder.
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There was two very important reasons why he took the guts to kill them were revenge toward Macduff.. Macbeth wanted to get revenge on Macduff because Macbeth wants Macduff to go back to england so he can kill himself because of the witches second prophecies that tells macbeth that one will ever stop him or make him invincible. The second reason why Macbeth had killed Macduff 's family was because he had heard that Macduff and Malcolm had left to england. This made MAcbeth really angry because Macduff is in England with Malcolm helping him building an

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