Does Magellan Deserve Credit

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To judge whether Magellan deserves all the credit writer gives him, it should be clarified what kind of people should deserve such credits. The name of book, a world lit only by fire, and its subtitle, the medieval mind and the renaissance, indicate that this book is about the thought revolution and change at that time. In this unstable era, the hero should be the person who stirred up the revolution and destroyed the unreasonable rule. I don’t think Magellan deserves this credit and, moreover, I don’t think everyone at that time deserves that, because the change is due to cumulative effect of various events. Magellan, according to the writer, is considered as the only man alone and the hero at his time, which I disagree with. In the opinion…show more content…
First, it was unimaginable for others to circle the globe at his time. Then, his ships are unseaworthy and his crews are hodgepodge and could not communicate in the same tongue. In this difficult situation Magellan finished his trip and in the long list of history it is difficult to find another figure whose heroism matches Magellan’s. I think this proposal is quibbling and ridiculous. This proposal implies that the difficulties Magellan went through are the reason why he should be considered as a hero. On the other word, if Magellan had had good ship and well-trained sailor, he would not be considered as a hero, or if he had not finished the voyage, he also would be considered as a hero. How ridiculous is it! If there is thing that makes Magellan become a hero, it should the result of this voyage but not his stubbornness and skill. Although Magellan’s characteristic plays a critical role in his voyage, it is one of the many factors that led to the success of this globe-trip. Moreover, there are many people in the world who are much more tenacious and skillful than him, so all of them should be hero of their time and should be credited a whole book? The characteristic and difficulties they went through are why heroes become more “hero” but why people become
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